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My ( working on ) B/V Fan Ficcy

I guess you could say im too much in love. But wouldn't that make love illegal itself. It should be beause love is all over my life. Sad to say im a huge vitim of it. Im in love with a guy. He is so tall....and so far away. So I can't help it but to write this story. I don't kow what it is about yet...all I know is that im writing it.

Chapter 1

Bulma looked out at the window. The sky was so beautyful. The stars were out also. So was Vegeta. He was some where, somewhere far far away......

" Gawd, I wish I knew where that man was!" she said out to herself. " Its just not fair. I miss him too much and he isn't here. It's so boring without him around."

She got up from the place she was sitting at and walked into the kitchen. She had the lights on and a book out. It was called How to Draw Manga but it was useless anyways. She couldn't draw as well as the peoples on-line.

She had to laugh about that. It was weird how no matter how well she did someone would surpass her like Goku did with Vegeta. She smiled and opened the fridge. It seemed like there wasn't anything to eat beause she had Vegeta raceing through her brain.

His hair.....oh and how sexy he looked without his shirt. Oh, and thoes tight pants! She sighed and closed the fridge door.

" God damnit! I want to call him but my phone bill still hasn't been paied." She sat in her chair sulking for three hours and then went to bed.

Welp! That's all I have done! ^.^ Gawd.....I love story writng!!!!!
I'm still working on it...
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