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"Hikki" will soon be releasing her first U.S. album?

This small piece of a review on the American release of the game Kingdom Hearts could be more J-Pop related than anime-related, but with the help of this game (which is seemingly rising in popularity) and her cult-like following of J-Pop admirers in the States, Hikaru Utada could be rising to stardom in the U.S.A.!

She's been called the Britney Spears of Japan-which is a bit unfair, since she looks and sounds nothing like her. But what Hikaru Utada does have in common with Britney is her superstar status-she's the best-selling Japanese recording artist ever. Unlike Britney, though, this bilingual singer actually writes her own tunes, something that's also fairly unique among most J-Pop stars.

Hikki, as she's known, sings Kingdom Hearts' theme song, which she rerecorded in English for the U.S. version of the game. She's currently working on her first U.S. album with Island Def Jam. Until it's out, check out her Web site,, for news, sound clips and pics.
- Official U.S. PlayStation Magazine (October 2002, Issue 61).
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